About Us

About Us


Founded in 2011, our company BORA TOHUMCULUK Ltd. Co., with the brand name “BORA LIFE”, is a first-hand collector and processor of non-wood forest products. We harvest medicinal and aromatic plants and forest tree seeds from forests throughout Turkey and manufacture cold press and essential oils in our factory in Ankara.


Medicinal and aromatic plants, wild-natural herbal products and animal-food products growing naturally in the forest are not only used as raw material in the medical, chemical, food, cosmetic, and animal-food sectors but also used directly. We collect numerous kinds of non-timber forest products sustainably and in accordance with the legal norms both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to present customers the best price for world-wide high quality medicinal and aromatic plants along with all kinds of non-timber forest products and cold press or essential oils.


We present our customers visual records, including photographs and videos, of the production processes which include collecting, drying, processing, loading, and storing of our products. At each step of production, we undertake highest responsibility for the quality of our products and take attentive care regarding the products’ sustainability in nature.


Our employee’s occupational health and safety is of highest concern to our company. We closely follow and obey the legal procedures regarding occupational health and safety standards.


BORA TOHUMCULUK Ltd. Co. is registered under Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), Central Anatolian Exporters Union (OAIB), and Association of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants General Secretariat of South-East European Countries (AMAPSEEC) and has a registered license from Turkey's Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. Our company is officially registered under the brand name of “BORA LIFE”.




As BORA LIFE, we would like to improve our efficiency and profits in the field of medicinal and aromatic plant products by giving priority to principals of caring about the nature and environment, safety of our employees and all legal terms and conditions. We strive to increase our client’s satisfaction by constantly providing a wide range of healthy, quality, and safe products by means of contribution of technology and our employees.




As the whole team, employees and management of BORA LIFE, our mission is not only to be an exemplary establishment in upgrading and improving the production and profit in all phases of cultivation and process, but also to introduce the brand name of “BORA LIFE” in the world in best ways.