Alder Buckthorn


            Family: Rhamnaceae

  • Botanic Name: Rhamnus frangula L.
  • English Name: Alder Buckthorn
  • Regional namesı: Male Hawthorn
  • General Definiton: It is mostly 2-3 meters, rarely 6-7 meters tall shrub
  • Used Parts: Its  SHELL (Its fresh fruit contains dyestufff)
  • Active Ingredients: The shells of rhamnus frangula have 10% tannin,bitter substance,saponin, sugars and  3-7% derivatives of anthracene.Active substance is rhamnoxanthosid.There are the primary glycosides in fresh  shells. During drying, these glycosides constitute secondary glycosides and derivatives of free anthraquinone as partially hydrolyzed and oxidized. This is the reason of  excessive stomach irritant and loss of emetic effect after 1-2 years storage.
  • Harvest: Between the months of May - August, the young trunk and thick branches are cut with a sharp instrument in 30-35 cm length without damaging cambium. Then, by cutting from top and bottom, shell in the middle is seperated from body. The shells collected in this way are 30-35 cm length, 1 to 1.2 mm thick and they are pieces in the form of pipe.
  • Spreading Area: It is found especially in the Black Sea, East Marmara and widely in the north of Central Anatolia.