Aleppo Pines


BotanicName: Pinus halepensis

  • English Name: Aleppo Pines
  • Family: Pinaceae
  • General Definition: Eastern Mediterranean Aleppo pine resin is important in terms of fuelwood, production for forest honey and grazing. Resin gathering activities in Mediterranean countries are one of the important sources of income especially for forest villagers. Forests of aleppo pine are multipurpose forests and they are used for many purposes apart from resin such as beekeeping. Average size of a tree produces 3-4 kilograms resin annually. It should not be below of 2 kg in order to have economical value.The maximum amount is average 3kg.  There is 70-75% colophony, 15-20% turpentine, 10% pinus leaves,  foreign substance such as shells, insects, etc and rain water. Colophony is a hard resin obtained by distillation of pine resin. Turpentine is semi liquid secreted by the pine trees, yellow or brownish resin. It is observed that forest fire is lesser in the forests where active resin production is made.