Family: Solanaceae

  • Botanic Name:  Atropa belladonna
  • English Name: Belladonna
  • Regional Names:
  • General Definition: It is branched, herbaceous and perennial plant, and usually it is seen as semi-bush having fleshy root. The plant is 1.5 meters,  its long oval leaves can reach to 18 cm long.
  • Used Parts: Leaves, root stem, roots and fruits are used
  • Active Ingredients: Leaves and stems contain 1% alkaloid. This alkaloid consists of ; 1-Kiossiamin,atropamin, atropine, N-methylpyrrolidine, pyridine, asparagine, filosterin and etc. The roots have about 1% kiossiamin. 80 % of alkaloids obtained from this plant constitute 1--Kiossiamin, 20% of the atropine,apoatropine and so on.
  • Harvest: Its leaves are gathered when it starts to bloom in June or when its fruits are ripened in September, roots are gathered in May or end of September.
  • Spreading Area: It is found in the Black Sea Region and in the Taurus Mountains.