Birch Tree or Silver Birch


·         Family: Betulaceae

·         Botanical Name: Betula pendula R.

·         English Name: Birch Tree or Silver Birch

·         Local Name: Betula pendula also called Silver birch

·         Description: Birch Tree grows as 3-7 cm long and 1.5 to 3.5 cm wide and dark green. It is a medium sized deciduous tree that has stems which are one to three cm long and leaves are three to seven cm long. The bark of the plant is usually white with dark colored marks at the base. The flowers produced before the leaves in early spring.

·         Parts Used: Bark and Leaves

·         Components: Dried bark and branches contains cresol and phenol. Additionally essential oil which comes from the leaves includes botulin, tannin and glycoside.

·         Harvest Time: leaves are collected at the beginning of the summer, bark and the young stems are collected in May.

·         Geographic spread: Eastern and Northern Anatolia.