Bracken, Fern


Family: Polypodiaceae

  • BotanicName: Dryopteris filix-mas. (L.) schott.
  • English Name: Bracken, Fern
  • Regional Names: It is also known as castor oil plant, canis lupus swordfern.
  • General Definition: It is a perennial,herbaceous,flowerless plant and commonly found in moist and low lighted forests. Very rarely, there are also ones of woody structure.
  • Used Parts: Rhizomes
  • Active Ingredients: Rhizomes are propertied in terms of oleo-resin. Giving medicinal meaning to plant, in rhizome, they are phenolic compounds which are derivatives of phloroglucine and called as raw filicine located in secretion gland. ''Raw filicine'' is obtained by pulling with ether as extract from male swordfern rhizome. 25% of etherish extract is raw filicine,  78% consists of a mixture of      fixed oil and volatile oil. It is derivatives of phloroglucine (Floroglukin), found at the rate of 1,5-2 % and respectively the most important ones are:Aspidinol, Asbaspidin, Filixasit, Phloroglucinbutanon, Phloraspidinol, Aspidin and Phloropyron. Also, it contains tannin,  bitter substances, fatty acids and a small amount of essential oils.
  • Harvest: Collected by removing in September and October
  • Spreading Area: It spreads in the North Anatolian in our country.