Buckthorn, Yellow berry


Family: Rhamnaceae

  • BotanicName: Rhamnus petiolaris Boiss.
  • English Name: Buckthorn, Yellow berry
  • Regional Names: It is also known as Yellow berry, Purging buckthorn,Rhamnus petiolaris
  • General Definition: Boiss is a 3-4 m tall shrub;its branches are alternate or opposite, gray - brown, side branches are 4-5 cm tall and took shape as a thorn  as metamorphosis;the young shoots are usually bare, reddish - brown..
  • Used Parts: Fresh fruits
  • Active Ingredients: Buckthorn berries have fixed oil, flavones and derivatives of anthracene in a small amount. There is xanthorhammin as a derivative of flovane and frangulin as a derivative of anthrone. It has been observed that 0.15% of fruits grown in the Central Anatolia region has free anthracene derivative.
  • Harvest: Fruits are collected as green in June-July before they are mature yet.
  • Spreading Area: It spreads in Central Anatolia and in the Mediterranean region.