Butchers Broom


·         Family: Liliaceae

·         Botanical Name: Ruscus Aculeatus

·         English Name: Butchers Broom or is also known as Jew's Myrtle, Knee Holly, Kneeholm, Pettigree or Sweet Broom.

·         Description: Butchers broom is a low evergreen shrub growing to 0, 8 meter with flat, spiny leaves. This plant does not have real leaves, during the growth process expanding branches becomes flat and it gives leaves view to the plant. Small greenish flowers flowering in spring followed on female or hermaphrodite plants by glossy red berries that are located in the center of the stems. Ruscus Aculeatus occurs in woodlands and highlands where provides deep shade. It breeds between the months of April to September. Usually found in Mediterranean and Europe.

It contains essential oil, resin and saponin. Root and stems are collected in autumn season. After desiccation process, they converted into powder in order to use for tablets, capsules and some creams. Butcher's broom has been known to improve blood circulation to the brain, legs, and hands and used to treat arteries. Moreover, the herb was experienced to treat hemorrhoids and it gives major positive results. It is effective some kidney diseases and used as an appetizer, urine additive, fever and diaphoretic. Also it is useful for adenoids inflammation, vascular occlusion and circulatory disorders.