Clary Sage


·         Family: Lamiaceae

·         Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea L.

·         English Name: Clary Sage

·         Local Name: Clary Sage or simply Clary.

·         Description: It is a biennial plant that means it is flowering plant that takes two years to complete its growth. It is a hairy plant that it can reach up to 1, 2 meters long. At the base there are leaves which are around 0, 3 meter long. Vertical shape flowers standing on the stems as a group of two to six of each. On the edge of the plant there are flowers which have been usually found lilac or white with pink marks.

·         Parts Used: Leaves, flowers and seeds of the plant are used for medicinal and cosmetics.

·         Components: Seeds contains mucilage and this plant also produces essential oil which is used generally perfumes and as a flavor it can be used for some wines and liqueurs.

·         Harvest Time: The months between May to August when the plant flowered.

·         Geographic spread: Northern Turkey, Southern Anatolia and Mediterranean region.