Family: Myrsinaceae

  • English Name: Cylamen
  • Regional Names: Cyclamen neopolitanum, Virgin Mary flower
  • General Definition: . Sonbaharda açan çiçekleri hafif pembe renkli, aşağı doğru sarkık ve Its flower are light pink color blossomed in autumn,pendulous downward and petalin bottom side is darker blemished and fragrant. Pedicel is 7.5 -13 cm longness, It has pale rose color petals in 7,5 – 12,5 cm. It has red spots.
  • Used Parts: Nubbles
  • Active Ingredients: Tubers of the plant contains ; crystalline saponin, cyclamin, nerol, farnesol, anthocyanin, starch,  gum, aromatic substances and organic acids.
  • Harvest: It blossoms January - November.
  • Spreading Area: It spreads North of Turkey.