Family: Ericaceae

  • Botanic Name: Erica arborea, E.manipuliflora
  • English Name: Erica
  • Regional Names: Erica manipuliflora
  • General Definition: Many types are 0.2-1.5 m. sizes and in the bush form.Erica arborea and Erica scoparia is called as tree and they are  6-7 m. sizes.
  • Used Parts: Flowery branch egdes,roots and thin branches.
  • Active Ingredients: SiO2 is found in the roots. There is  glycoside called as ericotine in the flowery branch egdes.
  • Harvest: It starts from the beginning of the rains in the first months of autumn and goes on throughout the whole winter.
  • Spreading Area: Mediterranean, Aegean and Western Black Sea.