French Lavender


·         Family: Lamiaceae

·         Botanical Name: Lavandula Stoechas

·         English Name: French Lavender

·         Local Name: -

·         Description: It is a perennial shrub, and grows to 40–50 cm tall and wide. The leaves are 1–4 cm long, greyish and tomentose. Flowers are blackish purple and they are located on the tips of the branches.

·         Parts Used: Branch tips with fresh flowers for medical uses and dried leaves for cosmetic industry.

·         Components: It contains essential oil with a very sharp odor. Also this essential oil includes the elements of camphor with 0, 3 percent, linalool with 0, 6 percent and fenchone with 8 percent.

·         Harvest Time: September to October

·         Geographic spread:  Northern and Southern Anatolia