Greek Sage


·         Family: Lamiaceae

·         Botanical Name: Salvia triloba has also been called Salvia fruticosa

·         English Name: Greek Sage

·         Local Name: Greek Sage also known as sage apple, Khokh barri, and Na’ama Hobeiq’es-sedr.

·         Description: It has greyish dark color leaves with upturned edges and also it has small leaves that belong to main one just next to them. The plant has flowers (pinkish-lavender) which can be 5 to 10 on the stem that are standing on the branches.

·         Parts Used: Leaves

·         Components: Leaves are producing triterpene, salvigenin and essential oil with 3 percent which called cineole.

·         Harvest Time: Leaves of the plant are collected the months between May to June, before flowering.

·         Geographic spread: It is grown in the Western and South-Western Anatolia