Hairy Marshmallow


Family: Malvaceae

  • BotanicName: Althaea hirsuta L.
  • English Name: Hairy Marshmallow
  • Regional Names:
  • General Definition: It is a vertical and hairy plant and it has purple-colored flowers.
  • Used Parts: Its leaves, flowers and root.
  • Active Ingredients: Whole plant carries large amounts of mucilage. Furthermore; amylum,sucrose, galactose, pectin, fat, tannin and asparagine are found in the roots. ROOTS have 20-25% mucilage, 20% amylum, sugar, tannin,essential oil and 2% asparagine.As a result of the  hydrolysis of 20-35% mucilage, galacturonic acid, rhamnose, arabinose, galactose and xylose are obtained..
  • Harvest: The leaves are harvested in May-June, the flowers are harvested in July-August, the roots are harvested in autumn. At least 2 years meaty and immature roots and lateral roots of the plant are harvested by removing from soil in autumn.


  • Spreading Area: In our country, it grows in Southern Anatolia, partially in Marmara and Aegean regions.