·         Family: (Lamiaceae)

·         Botanical Name: (Lavendula officinalis)

·         English Name: Lavender

·         Local Name:-

·         Description: The root is goes up to 60 cm deep and very strong also vertical like a stake. Branches are usually four squares and upright shape, hairy and bare. Flower part is 20-30 cm long and it’s located on tip of the branches.

·         Parts Used: Herba Lavandulea which is the top part of the land, Flores Lavandulae which is flower part and Lavender volatile oil.

·         Components: The most important element is essential oil which is colorless or slightly yellow. Also Lavender contains Flavonit, Kumarin and Tannin.

·         Harvest Time: Lavender flowers are collected with their stems from June to September.

·         Geographic spread:  Western Mediterranean