Medical daisy


Family: Compositae

  • Botanic Name: Matricaria chamomilla L
  • English Name: Medical daisy
  • Regional Names: Medical daisy
  • General Definition: The plant's height is between 5 and 45 cm. It has a thin fringed root. It has a trunk developed scarped and highly branched. Leaves are alternating,2-3 parts. There are flower buttons constituting flowers on stem edges.
  • Used Parts: The trunk diverging from stem
  • Active Ingredients: With water steam distillation, 0,2-0,5 % blue-green color volatile oil, resin,bitter substance and phenolic substances  (flavones, coumarin) are obtained from dried flowers.This essential oil contains mucilage, resin, bitter substances and glycosides, approximately 5%  kamazulen. Kamazulenin rate is up to 15% in some varieties. Apart from this seskiterpenic structured material, there are fatty acids,agetic acid,salicylic acid and their esters,paraffine and a small amount of tannin resins and glycosides structured compounds.
  • Harvest: From May to August
  • Spreading Area:  It spreads generally in our country.