Family: Apocynaceae

  • Botanic Name: Nerium oleander L.
  • English Name: Oleander
  • Regional Names: Graft tree, Graft brier, Venom
  • General Definition: It blossoms white, pink, red, yellow and cream colored flowers and it is a poisonous plant species in 2-5 m high, trunk is scarped, dark-colored and a cylinder shaped.The leaves are lanceolate, short-handled, arranged mutual or  triple circular.
  • Used Parts: Fresh or dried leaves are used.
  • Active Ingredients: It has glycosides (oleandrin). It contains Resin, tannin, glucose, vitamin C, neriantin, adynerin, folinerin and also flavone glycosides.
  • Harvest: It brings into flowers from spring to autumn.
  • Spreading Area: Mediterranean and Aegean regions