Pink Rockrose


·         Family: Cistaceae

·         Botanical Name: Cistrose, Cistus incantus

·         English Name: Pink Rockrose

·         Description: Rockrose is a common name that we can use for all species in the family Cistaceae.

Cistus is the most popular name that given to the plant which belongs to the Cistaceae family consists of white or pink flowers. It contains around 20 species and those can be found on dry soils where can be Mediterranean region. Cistus are perennial shrubs with sticky leaves generally grows up to 100 cm long.

There are five species in Turkey. These are divided into two types that have pink and white flowers.

Cistus creticus, also known as Pink rockrose is a perennial shrubby plant with pink flowers. This is a variable plant that 4.5-5 cm length and mostly used for decorations.

It grows up to 1meter tall and the upper surfaces of the leaves are greenish color. Fragrant pink flowers are usually seen with yellow stamen that grows up to 6cm large.

Dried leaves are collected from May to October and it needs to keep away from humidity in a special containers.

Shoots, leaves, flowers and branches are used for some treatments and cosmetic industry and they contains resin, essential oil and tannin.  It is a medicinal plant that useful for eczema and some skin problems.