Sicilian Sumac


Family: Anacardiaceae

  • BotanicName: Rhus coriaria L.
  • English Name: Sicilian Sumac
  • Regional Names: It is also known as Rhus, Tutuba.
  • General Definition: It is 1-3 m height, young branches are reddish haired, compound leaves and it is a tree in the form brier patch.
  • Used Parts: Fruit and leaf are used.
  • Active Ingredients: The fruits involve tannin,essential oil and  organic acids.The leaves have tannin, sugars and yellow colouring agents.The leaves of rhus coriaria contains 15-20% tannin and myricetin,  7% water, 11% ash, sugars and waxy substances.Myricetin  is the derivate of flovane. The structure of yellow colourant contains flovane glycosides. There is approximately 4-5% tannin, essential oil and organic acids in the fruits of this species.
  • Harvest: It is harvested from end of June to mid-July. Leaf collecting period is the months of July-September.
  • Spreading Area: It grows partially in the regions of our country.