Strawberry Tree


Family: Ericaceae

  • Botanic Name: ARBUTUS UNEDO
  • English Name: Strawberry Tree
  • Regional Names:
  • General Definition: It is evergreen, it is a brier than can grow taller to 4m, and sometimes a small tree in 7-8 m tall.
  • Used Parts: Fruits and leaves.
  • Active Ingredients: Tannin, sucrose and arbutin are in the leaves. Fruits contain 14% sugar and a high amount as 150-280% mg vitamin C. There are tannins in the roots.
  • Harvest: It blossoms in November - March. Since its fruits are ripened in a long period such as 12 months, fruits are collected from the bush during the same period.The leaves are collected and dried from April to June.
  • Spreading Area: It is found in almost all coastal areas of Turkey.