Family: Anarcardiaceae

  • BotanicName: Rhus cotinus L. (Cotinus coggyria Scop)
  • English Name: Sumac
  • Regional Names: Cotinus coggygria
  • General Definition:  It is brierpatch and shrub up to 6m. The branches are reddish flat crusty and part of the tree is yellow.The leaves are alternate, round with a large egg-shaped long-handled,bluish-green,  upper side is dark green, characteristic odor,redden in fall season. The flowers are greenish-white, two-sexed, found congregate as flower bouquet.
  • Used Parts: Fruit and leaf are used.
  • Active Ingredients: Tannin, sugars, wax, flavone glycosides, citric, malic and tartaric acids are found.The leaves of cotinus coggygria contains tannin,volatile oil and glycoside named as miresetin.  This glycoside can be easily hydrolyzed and divided into fustol and ramnoza which gives colourant feature to the plant. It is found approximately 2% in the wood part of the plant. Due to the yellow extract obtained from woods and shells of the plant, it is known as mahonia (mahonia aquifolium) by the locals.
  • Harvest: It is harvested from the end of June to mid-July.Leaf collecting period is months of July-September. To prevent the flowing of tanning substances in the leaves with rain water,collection process must be completed before the rainy season in the region.
  • Spreading Area: It grows dependantly in the forest line along the coasts of our country..