Syrian Juniper


Family: Cupressaceae

  • Botanic Name: Juniperus drupacea
  • English Name: Syrian Juniper
  • Regional Names:
  • General Definition: It is a type of cone-shaped, long syrian juniper which is average 10-15 at most 40 m tall. The trunk is 1-2 m thickness. It is a dioecious plant, female and male tree are seperate. The cone which is green firstly and later it is dark colored, is spheroid and  20-25 mm in diameter .
  • Used Parts: Mature fruits (cones) are used.
  • Active Ingredients: There are useful compounds such as glucose and sucrose, juniper, borneol, terpineol, isoborneol, camphor, sidrol, dipentene,pinene and a-felandren. Juniper berries show antioxidant effect due to the high content of phenolic compounds.
  • Harvest: It blossoms in April-May.
  • Spreading Area: It grows south of our country.