Terebinth Tree


·         Family: (Anacardiaceae)

·         Botanical Name: (Pistacia terebinthus L.)

·         English Name: Terebinth Tree

·         Local Name: Known commonly as Terebinth and Turpentine tree.

·         Description: It consists of joint leaves that facing one another and bright flakes also they give resin smell. Their height is around 6 to 9 mm.

·         Parts Used: Fruits, galls, body and leaves.

·         Components: It contains 9-12 percent of turpentine which is a kind of fragrant essential oil. Additionally this plant includes myricetin, resin and gallic acid. Also the bark of the plant contains 25 percent tannin.

·         Harvest Time: Between March and September

·         Geographic spread: The Aegean and Mediterranean Regions