The giant fenne


Family: Apiaceae

  • BotanicName: Ferula Communis
  • English Name: The giant fenne
  • Regional Names: : Ferula assa- foetida,Hercules' allheal
  • General Definition: It is a herbaceous plant extendible to 2 meters. The outer side roots of the plant is 15-20 cm depth of the soil. It is similar to gypsophylla paniculata but it is thicker and fibroid.
  • Used Parts: Root and leaves.
  • Active Ingredients: Tannin, resin, amylum, alkaloid, saponin essential oil are found.
  • Harvest: It dehisce in yellow colour and in the form of an umbrella.
  • Spreading Area: Eastern Anatolia, central Anatolia, South and Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean.