Cold Pressed Oils

Nutrition since the beginning of human existence, has been the vital in order to sustain life. Humans throughout history have been discovering new ways to get the most optimal nutrition through their food. Thankfully now through innovation and biochemical engineering we are now able to get the most from our foods at the plant level.


Our body cannot produce many of the essential vitamins and mineral it needs on a daily basis to function properly. Omega acids 3,6,9 and vitamins A, D, E, and K, have strong antioxidant properties and phenolic components that help the body function and eliminate toxins in the body.


In order to get the most from the plants and seeds we consume, it is important to use cold press method to extract the most vitamins and minerals. In normal methods, plants and seeds are heated to high temperatures in order to process them for consumption. Unfortunately, because of this method many essential vitamins and minerals are lost.


Why Cold Pressed Oils?:

  • Products are processed and exposed at the temperature no higher than 40°C
  • During the application process plant extracts, flavor, aroma, and nutrients do not lose their nutritional value because of the lower temperatures.
  • Cold pressed oils produced from this method do not use the conventional oil solvent hexane.
  • Conventional oil processing involves a lot outside chemical factors such as mucilage removal (degumming), acidification (neutralization), bleaching, deodorization.




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Flax Seed Oil









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Safflower Oil  









Nettle Seed Oil








Leaf Seed Oil