Essential Oils

We produce essential oils by process of distillation therefore our essential oils are pure. Our essential oils are “neat” meaning they have not been processed, diluted, or manipulated in anyway with other solvents or additives. Our drums are suitable for food codex and are stamped UN.


What Are Essential Oils?


Essential oils are important liquids for medicine, food, and cosmetic industries. They are highly concentrated extracts distillated from different parts of plants (roots, leaves, barks, seeds etc.) and they contain the essence of the herb they are extracted from. The amount of essential oil found in these plants can vary from 0.01% to 10% of the total composition.
These essential oils are vital and since the ancient times they have been used to help mankind.
They are the oldest form of medicine and cosmetics known by mankind.
Valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits can be obtained from the essential oils due to their chemical composition and aroma.


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 Saga Clary oil






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 Rosemary Oil





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Bay Oil







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Tyhme Oil








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Myrtle oil




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Orange Peel Oil