Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Our company is a first-hand collector. We collect non-wood forest products, medicinal and aromatic plants, and forest tree seeds. We do wild harvesting from forests of Turkey. Depending on our customer’s demands, our company does wild harvesting which is the collection of plant materials from wild sources. We pick up all kinds of non-timber forest products, medicinal and aromatic plants, wild-natural herbal products, and animal products which are growing naturally in the forest according to the standard norms.


Our aim is to present customers with the best price for worldwide high quality medicinal and aromatic plants along with all kinds of non-timber forest products. We undertake deep responsibility and attentive care of nature when harvesting for sustainability.


Below is many of our products collected from different area throughout Turkey. If you demand other non-timber products such as animal products, dead wood, truffle, or minerals please contact us. 


Please contact us with any  questions or inquiries.


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